Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Radirgy Blog: The Return.

It's been a while hasn't it? Those with long memories will remember I took a break from the blog to try and pursue other goals and interests, sadly those goals and interests fell short of my original intentions and I am always changing my plans. But enough of my dead projects here is a game I got from Gamestation before it shut down.

God of War: Chains of Olympus serves as the obligatory spin-off prequel all popular video game franchises get at some point when fans become impatient while waiting for the next instalment in the main series. God of War Mini focuses on a kratos origin story which has no relevance or importance to the series as a whole. After killing an army of Persians and their pet newt Kratos is forced to go on a filler quest after the Sun God fell from the sky and lost his powers, this inexplicably causes the other Greek goods to lose their powers also. From there on you play through what feels like a “best of” edition of the previous two games, only without all the best bits, I could just end the review there but I should expand on this.

Kratos in my Pocket is a short game, this is to be expected of a spin-off title but the game is all fizz and no bang with the adventure coming off as lacklustre when compared to the other Kratos outings on the PS2. Gone are the days of items having a reason to exist, you still get the required god of war “breathe underwater” power up but in the case of Chains you only use it once and and only need it for one room, very progressive. There is a lack of exploration and the game ends up being even more linear than the originals. As far as the general design is concerned God of War: Size Matters is a God of War marathon where you play though familiar set pieces with familiar enemies in a familiar setting while creating a familiar Hack-and-Slash blood bath.
Is it the same old God of War? Yes. Did it need to be made? Not Really. Is it bad? It's actually pretty good, the gameplay holds up well on the PSP but only people hungry for more God of War will get the most out of this title

We've seen this a million times before.

In all God of War: Chain's of Olympus is a pint-sized mini adventure full of needless filler, at the same time it is also very well made and I can't really discredit the development team for trying to expand the universe and develop a character who had been previously portrayed as an unsympathetic selfish arsehole.

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