Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Never Assume

Remember when I said I was going to start a challenge where I had to complete 50 video games and then quit playing video games for a year?
Well I've pretty much stopped caring about it, I know I broke my own promise and I am certainly not a man of my word but I think the person who came up with the phrase “Everything in moderation” was onto something.
When I started the challenge everything was about games, nothing else mattered, all I could think about was completing 50 video games as quickly as possible, I gave all my time to these games. I found myself in a worse position than before by going from went to one extreme in order to reach another, a foolish thing to do. I must have spent 20-30 hours a week playing games, you'd think 20-30 hours a week would get me through a lot of games, nope. Many of the games I played were known for their length, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy VI, Tales of Vesperia, Breath of Fire 3 and Pokemon Soul Silver, I could not keep up such a pace and be happy with what I was doing.
On the upside such extremes allowed me to finish some of these games and I can now sell them without regret. Good thing I sold them I needed the extra cash.

Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah!

So here I am sat down in front of a screen talking about how I no longer have much to show in terms of personal possessions but I'm happy and besides it is true what they say, less stuff means more room for activities.
I thought quitting video games would give me a better social life and help me make new friends, I now know I was completely wrong in thinking this. Never make assumptions about anything.

Anyway no game reviews or artistic pictures this week , I want to talk about something else instead.
I have a dream, well not really a dream but an idea I have had been pondering on for sometime. Reading this blog means you probably play video games, if you play video games then chances are you have watched shows about video games on TV or on the internet. Many people have had a stab at making it big online with their web shows and ideas, I'm going to foolishly attempt the same thing even though like this blog it probably won't go anywhere for a long time if at all.
I'm sure some of you readers have seen or heard of a Japanese TV show called Game Center CX, the show is about Japanese comedian Shinya Arino as he tires to conquer some of the hardest games ever made. The show is loved by many due to its mixture of comedy and drama, two elements known for complimenting each other. The concept of watching someone play videos games doesn't sound like much but trust me the execution of the idea is killer with some of the greatest video game related programming ever seen.
My project will be based on this concept, I believe with the right care and attention an English language adaptation could very well work. I probably won't even start production until the Summer or at the earliest Easter. I also have a few more film related projects in the planning stages.

I wonder if I can make better progress with this than I did with the Game Break Challenge?
Watch this spot.

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  1. I'm going to tell you very honestly... i love your new idea a thousand time's more than your old one. This could be epic. Good luck, I love that show. :)