Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Takin the day off.

I finally took my driving test and I failed. Again. This isn't the first time I took the test and I'll be damned if I fail it again. It was a let down but I don't feel bitter about failing which is a bit odd because now I have to invest another £300 in lessons and re-takes.
I'm not in the mood for a video game review this week, I haven't really played or done anything I feel like writing about. I was going to upload the art work I did for my recently finished art unit but I didn't take any photos so expect them in the near future.

Recently I have had a few ideas going around in my head for some projects I have planned, I'm not going to share them though on the off chance of someone nicking my ideas and claiming them to be their own. In case anyone is wondering how far I am into the game challenge I have completed 4 games so far leaving me with another 46 left to go. Expect the number to jump up over the next few weeks.

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