Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Retro Game Challenge CX

I can't help but think back to what I have said these last few weeks, a year without games? A year is a long time, I had to wait nearly a year to get my PayPal account back and it was absolutely insufferable. I haven't gone cold turkey on the challenge, I'd like to finish sooner rather than later. I don't want to be doing this for the entire year.
Personal gripes aside I took on several games this week and many of them were incredibly difficult, it would have been a shame to not have a game to review, thankfully I was saved by a game I forgot I had.

Retro Game Challenge is the video game adaptation of popular Japanese TV show Game Center CX. The TV show focuses on Japanese Comedian Shinya Arino taking on difficult classic video game challenges.

Retro Game Challenge is not a video game compilation but a “1980's childhood simulator” where you live through the 1980's playing various video game challenges. Each game is different and requires its own mini review.

The evil Game Master Arino.
Cosmic Gate
The first game you challenge is Cosmic Gate, a Galaga clone. The game is almost identical to Galaga. What divides Cosmic Gate from Galaga are the bonus stages, level wraps, power up's and cheats. Cosmic Gate is a fun and easy game to get into and is one of the better titles you can play.

Robot Ninja Haggle Man
Robot Ninja Haggle man is a throwback to the arcade style of platform games where the goal was to defeat all the enemies in order to proceed to the next stage. Haggle Man is a cute game with enough charm to carry it through to the end.

It is a playing games in your living room sim.
Rally King
Rally King is a game in the now defunct Bird's eye view genre of racing games. The game is one of the weaker ones and is hard to get into at first, once you understand the controls there is fun to be had but the appeal is rather limited.

Star Prince
Star Prince is a clone of popular space shooter Star Soldier and bears an uncanny resemblance to some of the series stronger titles like Soldier Blade on the PC-Engine. It is easily one of the best games in the set.

Rally King SP
Possibly the weakest game of the lot Rally King SP is just Rally King but harder, there isn't anything else I can say without repeating myself.

Robot Ninja Haggle Man 2
A direct sequel, Robot Ninja Haggle Man 2 manages to be almost identical to the original while also being a better game. New features and better graphics have been added to make the game feel like a true sequel and not just a rehash like Rally King SP.

Guadia Quest
Guadia Quest automatically got the thumbs down from me for being an old fashioned JRPG in the style of the original Dragon Quest. The longest and hardest game of the lot Guadia Quest will only leave hardcore JRPG fans happy. Good thing you can skip the game with a cheat.

Robot Ninja Haggle Man 3
Another strong entry Robot Ninja Haggle Man 3 took everything established by the first two games and threw them in the bin. Cute platform games are out and action games are in. Robot Ninja Haggle Man 3 can best be described as the love child of Temco's Ninja Gaiden and Sega's Shinobi, it isn't very long but it is still one of the best games of the set.

One of the most interesting features of this “eighties childhood sim” is the video game magazines containing news, hints and cheats for the games. These magazines are almost essential and will make beating the game much easier.

Retro game challenge is one of the more interesting DS games I have come across, anyone who is a fan of classic games or the TV show should consider giving this a go.

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